by Last Excuse

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released May 16, 2011

Thanks to Progression, Tightrope, Womb Raider, Crucial Times, Tony Frenchman, Mike Jurek, Dany Bourassa, Drew Vaughn, Karl X Beyond, Veghi Burhger, Pablo Singer, Guy Gaffney, Antoine Kerten, Myriam Arsenault, Mikey X, Matt Kimball, Justin Gonyea, Andy Kugler, Martin Tensions, Death Church, Get Stoked Records.

Recorded at 341 by Karl X Beyond
Mixed and Mastered by Andy Kugler
Additional vocals on Face Value Tony Frenchman



all rights reserved


Last Excuse Montréal, Québec

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Track Name: Face Value
My patience is worn, give me a break
Every time I turn around you have something to say
You're twisting my words, you don't see both sides
Acting like it's all my fault, I'm losing my mind
Take a step back from the issue you framed
Always trying to start a fight, this isn't a game!
And I'm so sick, of all this shit
No one to trust, I've had enough
What's left to say?
Why don't you fucking grow up!
My patience is so worn, why don't you gimme a break
Every time I fucking turn around, you have something to say
Stop twisting my words
Why don't you try and see both sides
Stop acting like it's all my fault
I'm fucking losing my mind!
Track Name: Hero
Someone I looked up to believed that they were real
Took 5 seconds for them to backstab you
How the fuck do you think this makes me feel
It stops today
Shit talking, keep crying, keep living your life the wrong way!
Track Name: Turned Your Back
You turned your back, now it's all said and done
Fooled me once, fooled me twice
Didn't think you had something to prove
Well that was a lie
Now it's all coming back
You fucking turned your back
Things have changed and you're still the same
It's fucking over, we're moving on
And now you're fucking being blamed!
Cheat - liar - fake - that's all I can say (x3)
You turned your back, now it's all said and done
Track Name: Inhumane
She lived the kind of life where she was neglected, pushed around and kept down
Unspeakable cruelty only too familiar in the ways of mankind
How the fuck can we look them in the eye and leave them to die?
Living in a world where consumerism replaces empathy
Laziness, callousness, people treating their pets like disposable property
They live in fear, they live in pain
And we think we're not to blame
We've got to have more compassion, we've got to change
All beings deserve our respect
We've got to have more compassion, we've got to change
It's this ability that makes us human
So let's be humane!